How To Stay Warm In Winter Camping | 10 Tips & Tricks

Camping in winter has its own pleasure, but there are many obstacles that will face you if you decided to start your trip in winter. the heavy obstacle is the cold, the low temperature. is that a good reason to say, No I will not go in a trip in this weather? Absolutely not, and in this article I will show you 10 Tricks & tips will help you start camping in winter and keep you warm while your winter camping.

One of the first things you need to think about is when you want to stay warm while winter camping is your tent size.

Everyone knows that if your tent is too big, it’s hard to keep it warm. So having a small tent will increase your chance to stay warm while you are camping. Also will help you insulate your tent for winter camping.

Talking about the size, don’t go over and buy a 2 person tent for 4-person. Just pick your tent based on your needs. If you need a 2 person tent, buy a 2-person tent, don’t go for a 3 or 4-person tent when 2 people will use it during the trip.

Clear the Ground First

Another way to stay warm while you’re inside your tent is to clean the ground before building your tent, be sure that it is clean, flat, and away from water. This will give you a comfortable sleep. 

After cleaning the ground, you need to insulate it by adding a carpet, rug, or blanket to your tent floor. This will reduce the cold seeping into your bones. 

Choose a good sleeping pad

Another way to insulate your tent and reduce the cold seeping into your bones is to get a good-quality sleeping pad.

Sleeping pads are highly recommended for camping in winter. They are doing a measure role to reduce the cold coming from the ground to have a comfortable sleep and enjoy your winter camping. 

Most campers have to way to choose the sleeping pad for their tent. Many campers look for good-quality sleeping pads with a high resistance rate to the cold coming from the ground. 

Others use two sleeping pads by doubling the number to get the resistance they are looking for, by using this trick will lead you to get the resistance you want from the ground.

Choose a Warm Sleeping Bag

We move from the sleeping pad to the sleeping bag. We all know that there are different sleeping bags for different seasons, do your research and look for a good quality sleeping bag for your winter trip. By following this, you will stay warm while you’re sleeping in winter camping. 

Using a summer sleeping bag while you trip in winter is a stupid idea. Don’t feel offended. In the past, I  have made the same mistake by myself.

It depends on the cold degree of the place you are tripping to. But in general, get a sleeping bag that does the job in fewer temperature degrees. The 4-season tents are great for winter camping. Actually, they are great for all weathers. It will be a win to get one. That you can use on all your trips. 

Let’s assume that you are looking for a winter camping tent. Things you should look into while you are choosing a winter camping tent are:

  • can keep you warm under 15°F temperatures
  • Winter-Proof, and water-proof. 
  • And of course, don’t forget the material quality and durability. 

Tip to keep you warm inside while sleeping.

In this section, I will share a hot secret with you that will help you stay warm while sleeping until you wake up, which is the Hot water bottle. 

Before being inside your sleeping bag, boil water and put it inside the hot water bottle. Then put it inside the sleeping bag too, situate it in front of your belly or between your legs. The bottle will transfer heat from inside to your insulated sleeping bag, and you will stay warm the whole night while you are sleeping. 

Note: don’t use a plastic bottle, a hot water bottle made with a specific material. Don’t use a risky plastic bottle. 

Put a Thermal Blanket on the Tent’s Roof

A thermal blanket is one of the most critical items to take with you if you go on a trip in winter. When camping, thermal blankets can be used for many purposes, but one of the most common is to use them on a tent’s roof.

You can use a thermal blanket to keep yourself warm inside the tent. During winter, it is very effective at retaining heat. The thermal blanket reflects your body heat into the tent, keeping you warm and comfortable throughout the night.

By covering your tent’s roof, you can save an additional 5°C on your temperature. Finally, be sure to use a water-proof floor sheet to protect yourself from any potential rain.

Eat & Drink More

As we know your body needs calories to generate heat, the more calories you eat, the more your body can generate heat and keep warm while camping in winter. 

Eat a fatty meal before going to sleep, as fat digests slowly, making it stay longer inside your body. Which gives your body the source to generate internal heat while you sleep. This is how fatty meals will help you maintain your temperature while camping in winter. 

Get to yourself some small snacks every day and be sure that they are healthy: pistaches, almonds, dates, some fruits, and some fresh vegetables like tomatoes, carrots, turnip. Eating & drinking more will keep you warm while camping in winter. And also healthy. 

Another thing most people forget is to keep yourself hydrated. Most of you drink water in the summer, scared of being dehydrated in front of the hot sun. But a lot of you forget to drink water in cold weather, the reason is you don’t feel thirsty, but in the opposite, you have to drink water many times a day, keep a water bottle always near to you, and drink every 1-2 hours, even a sip of water. 

Fruit or vegetable juices are also a great choice to drink while camping in winter, you will win your health and your wealth. by doing these small things and keeping them as a daily routine, you will win an enjoyable winter camping.

Use a Tent Heater

Tent heaters are a great choice too, to keep yourself warm while camping in winter, there are many different types of tent Heaters. 

You need to keep in your mind that there is no 100% safe tent heater, but with the right use, the tent heater will become a great opportunity to heat yourself while camping in winter. 

The good thing about tent heaters is in a few minutes, and maybe less, you will feel the heat and start being warm, but you must know how to use them to increase your safety.

This article will be great for that.

Wear specific clothes for sleeping 

Before going to sleep, and before going inside your sleeping bag, I advise you to not keep the clothes you were wearing the whole day, it’s preferable to get on your sleeping clothes, specific clothes only for sleeping. 

If it’s too cold, you have to add an extra layer to what you were usually wearing on summer trips, by adding a long sleeve shirt in the top, sweatpants, or pyjama pants. 

About your body extremities, personally, I feel too hot and I can’t sleep if I wear gloves and socks, for this reason, I wear nothing in my body extremities and I’m okay with that, but If you can’t feel okay with wearing anything in your hands and feet, go ahead and get some long hot socks and gloves to keep yourself warm while sleeping. 

Another part of your body you have to keep warm is your head. One of the best ways to keep your head and ears warm is to put them inside your sleeping bag, it is an effective way to keep your head warm, but personally, I can’t put my head inside my sleeping bag, I feel like there is a lake of air and O², and I can’t breathe. Should I stop camping in winter? Absolutely not, and the solution to that is to wear a good hat while you are sleeping, and close your tent perfectly, this way you will increase your body heat and feel comfortable while you are sleeping. 

Find a Wind Break

Choosing the right place to install your tent is an important thing that will increase or decrease your heat inside the Tent. 

But in this section, we will talk about wind, if your tent is built in a place where there is a lot of winds, it will be hard to keep yourself warm while night when there is more wind circulation. 

Another tip that can help you with that is to find a place to set up your tent where there is less wind circulation, maybe finding a place where there is Groves of trees, in a natural way the trunks of the trees will break the wind, and help you find a great place to set up your tent. Typically winds come from one main direction, if you are able to find that direction then just find some windbreakers like a cliff or a rock that can help you block winds, it will be a great place to start installing your tent.

Check this little video to see how you can Build a wind breaker with the snow if you are camping in a place where snow fall.