How To Stay Dry Camping In The Rain (10 tricks)

Most of you love to camp in rainy weather, but you find it difficult to protect yourself from rain, especially if you are planning to have a few days camp. 

You don’t want to spend days in wet clothes, besides it’s risky to your health and you can get sick, this situation will not let you enjoy your moments and your camp in a cold weather

Here you will find some popular tips and tricks that will help you protect yourself, your gears, your clothes, and will increase your camping experience. 

The first thing to think about is how to pack your clothes and gear, the ideal way that I found is to pack my stuff in some waterproof plastic bags, there are different sizes for plastic bags. 

Your clothes need a particular size of bags. Your electronic gears need some good waterproof bags protecting them from getting damaged by water, also they need an extra layer of protection from crushing or broken down. 


1. Waterproof Pants.

One of the essentials clothes you must have on a rainy day is pants, a waterproof pants, this way you don’t overthink about staying away from the rain and stay dry camping in the rain.

Put your usual pants on you and add waterproof pants to protect your downside from getting wet, and you don’t need to change your pants every time get wet. 

2. Waterproof Jacket. 

The same as your downside, having a waterproof jacket will protect your upside from rain, don’t go for a hot waterproof jacket, just a thin jacket would play a good role to cover you from the rain, and will help you stay dry camping in the rain.

It will be more worthy if it includes a headcover. And you will not need a hat or cap to protect your head. 

3. A hat or a cap for your head. 

In case your jacket doesn’t have a headcover built-in, a good hat or a cap would be a good choice for you. 

for others who look forward to covering their ears and mouth, a hot scarf  will do a good job here. 

setting up your tent:

Let’s move now to setting up our tent, camping in rainy weather is not like camping in the middle of August. There are a few things to look into before setting up your tent. 

1. Set up your tent on high ground. 

Before start setting up your tent, put in your mind that water will not just fall on you from the sky, also will run under your tent too.

This will push you to think about the place where you will build your tent. To protect your tent from getting wet, pick a place that is higher than the area around it to keep your tent stay dry when camping in the rain.

Stay away from low laying areas, or from any other location where water seems to gather, water streams and rivers can also be a bad choice to build your tent near to, because of the probability to have floods occurring. 

2. Wind Breaks. 

Picking a location where to build your tent is not something random to do, taking a few things into your consideration will save you a lot of time and peace of mind. 

Before setting up your tent, protect yourself while camping in rain from the wind, use some natural windbreak like the groves of trees, Rocks, overhang, or a Boulder. 

Otherwise, you can build some windbreakers, you can make windbreakers using Snow and build like snow walls to protect you from winds, you can use tarps to build like a room wall around you or only from the side that the winds come from. 

3. Tarps. 

Putting a tarp under your tent will absolutely reduce the amount of cold that comes from the ground, also it can protect you from getting wet if it’s a waterproof tarp, the tarp will keep your tent dry neither from the rain coming from the sky, Neither from the water that will run under your tent.

You may say that these tips are not efficient, and don’t have a high impact on your camping experience, but you’re not right. 

All those tips will add more enjoyment to your outdoor experience and will make it easier than without. 

    The goal is not to survive, the goal is to experience the outdoors.

camping in rain checklist:

1. Waterproof Tent. 

2. Tarps. 

3. Sleeping pad. 

4. Sleeping bag.

5. Stove.

6. Campfire starters. 

7. Waterproof pack bags. 

8. Extra waterproof plastic bags. 

9. Clothes plastic bags.

10 waterproof boots.

11. multiple socks.

Activities to do to enjoy the cold weather

Camping in rain means that there is not a lot of activities to do while camping, I loved to share with you some activities that I like to do when I camp in rainfall, to enjoy your time underRain. 

1. Create a dry area. 

Having a dry area is an important thing to do on your first day. While camping in rainy weather, your clothes, gear, backpacks, tools, they will get wet, and you will need to dry them. 

Building a dry place will help you to dry your stuff, and prepare them for the next use. 

2. Start a campfire. 

Starting a campfire and warming yourself while camping in winter is still possible even if you are camping in rainy weather. 

Use one of your tarps to build a pitched roof to protect your campfire from rain. This way, you can do all activities that people can do around a campfire while camping in any other weather. 

You can have a cute discussion with your soulmate. Or maybe having a cup of tea/coffee with your friends or with your kids. 

In Case you are looking for how to make some Homemade campfire starter, I will suggest you read this article, it will save some time for you.


Should I cancel camping because of rain?

Well, If I were you I’ll not cancel it. I will just be sure that I have a reliable tent that I can trust 100% that will not let the water sneak inside my tent. Then I’ll enjoy my camping in rain.

Is it worth camping in the rain?

Camping in the rain is an activity that has its own pleasure. But if you are not prepared for it, it may ruin your outdoor days. So prepare yourself and go enjoy your time.

Can you sleep in a tent when it’s raining?

Of course, you can sleep in a tent when it’s raining, but you have to be sure that your tent is waterproof, which means that it can keep the rain outside your tent and keep you dry.