How to enjoy cold weather in winter camping? | 7 Activities

Camping in winter is still something preferable to many people than camping in summer or spring, the kind of campers who loves to camp in winter are generally like quiet and being alone in huge space out, don’t like to see people around when they enjoy being under rain or snow.

In this article, I will share with you some activities you can do while camping in winter, and profit your camping days before back to your daily routine.

Is winter camping fun? Yes, it’s super fun, and worth the experience, unlike the summer where there is insect and too mush hot. Camping in winter is worth the experience, where you can enjoy the silent nature, enjoying the snowfall and rain.

Snowboarding and sledding are some amazing activities to do to enjoy your Winter camping, And you can increase your Fun by a snowball war!

Snow Angels

One of the best ways to enjoy your winter camping is lying on the snow and making angels using your legs and arms. It’s really fun especially if you are camping with your kids or your soulmate. 

It doesn’t matter what you are doing, what it matter is that you’re making some unforgettable memories with who love.

Snowball Fighting

Snowball fighting

The amazing thing about this game is not too organized as dodgeball, and it starts with the first snowball hitting someone.

A little advice for you, make your first snowball quietly and hit the person you are sure he will do her best to give it back to you. This way you will be sure that the game will last for hours if not for the end of the trip.

Nature Watching

Personally, I love to discover many places and start watching nature around me, how the sky can fall rain, and sometimes snow, watching trees, rocks, mountains, birds. I can walk for hours and hours without being bored, only watching anything around. It’s an amazing pleasure. And I walk days and days if I’m walking with my soulmate under the blue sky, they are moments worth gold, and surely, the memories you will make beyond walking with your lovers in winter camping is the sky of joy.

Bird watching binoculars

Bird Watching ( bring binoculars)

I’m not a fan of birds to push myself to watch them for hours without getting bored, but I know that there are a lot of campers who spend hours watching birding, I don’t know why? But I’m sure that it’s the same reason that pushes me to walk hours and hours watching and discovering the world outside. 

Each one has its own interest, and its own hobby, for that reason humans are different. Watching birds is still a fun activity to do while camping in winter.

And to do that, you need to have binoculars or just a monocular, to watch birds closely to feed your soul with more joy and fun.


Who doesn’t love Sledding? I just think that people who don’t love to sled are just killed the kid inside themselves, always the kid inside us loves to do fun activities like this one.

Before starting Sledding just be sure if the place you want to play in is good for that, 2 to 3 inches are enough to start Sledding, try to look for a safe space far from dangerous slopes.

For those who don’t have the luck to feel the joy of Sledding, the hard step is the first, do your first step and feel the joy in Sledding.

Snow Sculptures

This is one of my Favourite activities I love to do while camping in winter, simply, because it pushes your brain to be more creative. Most people start with building a snowman like at Christmas, but there are a lot of things you can build using the snow. The important thing here is nothing become as you imagine it, and the result of your work will be really funny and I’m sure that you will cry of laughing by the end, check the next few images and you will see what I mean.

Don’t forget, you can also build a table and chair if you forget the bring them with you, just be careful when you use them, especially the table, you don’t want to lose your hot cup of tea or your breakfast when the table goes down.

kindle a campfire

Kindle a campfire

One of the joyful things you can do in winter camping is to Kindle a campfire, sit around it, keep yourself warm in the cold weather. 

To increase the joy degree here just do this with your friends remembering the old days, with your kids telling him some funny moments that happen to you in the past, or maybe chatting with your wife and creating a lovely moment under the stars.

cup of coffee

Get a Cup of Drink.

Use the campfire you create to make a cup of hot drink, whether you like a cup of tea or a cup of coffee, the important this is a hot drink in cold weather will sure make you feel joy and warm too. 

Do a contest between you and your friend/lover about which one makes the best cup of coffee and enjoys it together, and the loser has to make breakfast the next morning.

One Of The Winter Camping Activities That I Like To Do Is Playing Cards And The Loser Will Do The Dishwashing Job. Will Keep The Competitive High , And Push You To Do Your Best To Not Wash Dishes And So On.


After enjoying you time doing this funny activities, you should not forget your health as it’s Freeze in the winter, you have to keep yourself warm and I suggest you to readhow to stay warm in winter camping | 10 tips & tricks ” to keep your body heat and protect yourself.

The real meaning of joy.

Being Joyful is something great, and for me to be happy is a choice, not something that will come to you.

But it is something you create by blessing the goods you have. Be grateful for what you have and enjoy having it then a lot of good things will come to you.