Are Camping Cots Good For Winter? All You Need To Know About.

winter Camping cots are good camping equipment you should have among your camping gear. Cots are the best choice if you are looking for a comfortable night, where you will sleep with 4 to 22 inches up of the ground. 

Camping cots are an excellent way to increase your sleeping comfort being elevated from the cold ground, having one should be a great choice for summer camping. 

Still camping cots are a good choice for winter camping, but protect yourself from the cold weather, as you will be way up of 12 to 18 inches from the ground, the cold air will circulate around you and you will feel freezing, especially when sleeping at night. 

A camping Cot Has No Thermal Advantage And Might Even Hurt It Due To Allowing Air That Is Probably Colder Than The Ground Underneath You. 

I just come across this YouTube video which a find it amazing and worth watch about winter camping I hope you enjoy it too.

Moving to the size of the cots, camp cots comes with a variety of widths, lengths, heights, and weights. The best choice for a camper is a cot that fits three aspects which are comfortable sleep, tent fit, and lightweight. 

We did our best to group the variety of choices out there into various sizes, as a guide for any tent campers to select a cot that fits their needs. 

Camping Cots width:



22” to 26”


28” to 30”


32” to 43”

Large, Wide, Jumbo.

As I mentioned before, camp cots are available in widths ranging from 24″ to 43″ for pleasure tent camp. We did our best to group them in the chart below.

Narrow cots are fitting a wide range of camping tents, which makes them a good idea for campers that have small to medium tents. ( before buying one, you have to check if the cot fits your tent )
Another factor rather than the Tent size which you have to consider is your body size, narrow cots are comfortable only for small and fluffy campers.

Regular cots have a regular width, they don’t take too much space from your camp tent, which is something great. Especially if you don’t have a large tent or you camp alone.

Wide cots, starting from the name which means large cots, campers should make their measure and be sure if they have enough tent space. On the other side, large cots are very comfortable for big bodies.

Camping cots LxW:

Cot Size

Aprprox Measurement


48″L x 22″W


66″L x 26″W


78″L x 26″W


78″L x 32″W

Super Large, Jumbo.

84″L x 40″W

Camping Cots come in a variety of lengths. From 48″ to 90″ ( 1.3m to 2.3m), we study many cots, and we come with various camping cot sizes, with different lengths and widths.

We come up with different cot sizes, as you see in the previous chart:

Junior cots: we can refer to it as kids cots start from 48″ to 64″ ( 1.22m to 1.62m),

Regular cots: cots are made for regular people, not too long and not too short, regular cots length goes from 66″ to 78″, I liked to mention that average women’s length is 64″ and average men’s length is 69″ ( statistics for The United States citizen), will the size of the regular cot will be a great choice for the average United States campers.

Tall & Large cots: based on the previous chart, we see that both had the same length 78″ and a small difference on the width of the 6″.
Seems like both are the same, but the width of the cot can play a good role when it comes to comfy sleep.

Super Large / Jumbo cots: with 84″ in length and 40″ in width it’s a good choice for someone big enough and needs that size of the camp cot. You may need to be cautious of the space in your camp tent, just be sure that will not cover most of your tent floor.

Camping Cots Height:

About camping cots height, well, we grouped them into two categories or two groups. Generally, the height of camping cots go from 4″ to 22″ ( 10 cm to 50cm) 

Compact cots height range: 4″ to 12″ 

Bi-fold, Military cots height range: 16″ to 22″

Tents start to be narrower than before, you may like to go with a 22″ Cot height, but you have to get a camping cot that will fit your camp tent. 

Cot size note: 

Till now it will be enough for you to build an idea about which camping cot is the best for you. 


Coming to the comfort section. Campers used to sleep on the ground on an air mattress, or a sleeping pad, but it is still on the ground. But with the help of camping cots, you can sleep elevated on the ground, not also that, camping cots come with a high comfort level you have to try. 

Camping cots used to be too heavy and bulky and hard backpacking. But later, camping cots start to become ultralight, and easy to backpack while camping outside. 

Easy to Setup:

While camping, backpacking is one of the critical points you have to look into, you will need a camping cot that is easy to set up, easy & quick to build. 

Having an easy setup camping cot will increase your camping experience, make it more comfortable, and more enjoyable. 


Generally, camping cots are not that warm, they are a great option for summer camping, it will elevate you from the ground, that will give fresh air circulation, which means colder in the hot weather. 

You can use camping cots in winter camping too, only you need is to insulate your camp cot, an easy trick that can help you to insulate your cot is to add a sleeping pad on the cot or an air mattress. 

If you are looking for tricks to keep Yourself warm I’ll suggest you to read this article, To increase your Enjoyment level The “How to enjoy cold weather in winter camping? | 7 Activities” will a great Article to read.

Weight & Packed Size: 

We all know that the packing size plays an important role when it comes to outdoor camping, the small packing the great, not only the size, the weight also matters, while camping and hiking, it is better to have an ultralight small packing camp cot. 



1. Are cots good for winter camping? 

Camp cots are a good option when it comes to winter camping, will help you sleep comfortably, maybe they are not that warm, but they are still good, with some insulating tips your camp cot will become a great option if you are camping in winter

2. Why might cots be cold in the winter?

The reason that camp cots are cold in winter is the fact that there is cold air circulation around you, this decreases your heat level, and you will feel cold on winter nights. 

3. Should I insulate my sleeping cot?

Well, yes. You have to insulate your camp cot for a better experience. And comfortable sleep while camping nights. 

4. How to insulate my cot?

There are many ways to insulate your camp cot, one of them is to add a Thermal Blanket on the Top of the camping cot.

5. Does a camping cot keep you warm?

Well, simply camping cots will not keep you warm, but they are made to make your sleeping more comfortable, for the cold problem, just add a thermal sleeping pad, a sleeping bag, and your issue will be solved. 

Have a good night 

6. Is a camping cot worth it?

Absolutely, having a camp cot is a valuable addition to your camp gear, I will suggest you have.

7. Are camping cots comfortable for sleeping outdoor?

Camping cots are one of the good equipment if you are looking for a comfortable sleep while camping outdoor. They are a great option out there. 

All we know that cold weather is an Obstacle may stop many campers to start their winter camping, these are some great Idea and tricks should give a good amount of knowledge about how to camp in winter.