4 Homemade Campfire Starter Kits. Easy To Make | (Guide)

Knowing Multiple Ways To Start A Campfire Is A Good Talent, That You Can Amaze Your Friend With. At Least, You Have To Know How To Start Your Camping Fire Using Two Fire Starters, Besides Using Matches That You Have In You Camp Kitchen.

I Will Show You Today Some Easy Campfire Starters To Make That Will Enjoy Doing It While You Are Camping. You Can Use This Guide As An Activity That You Can Do With Your Friends, Kids, Or With Your Soulmate. Where You Will Teach Him How To Make Them By Himself, Aiming To Make Some Unforgettable Memories To Remember Later While You Are Camping In Winter, Or Any Other Sear.

What is the best fire starter to start a campfire? The best campfire starter that I like, and I find it the more Flaming is wax wood shaves. I simply called it that way because you will need 3 available supplies.

– a cup of wax from an old candle.
– empty egg carton
– a few dry wood shaves which you can make easily by your hand with a knife. You can find dry wood in your garden, or collect them from outside.

Let’s move now on how to make the wax wood shave fire starter?

First thing first, you have to melt the wax, there are many ways to do that, the easy one is to use your camp Stove + an old can do to that, or put it inside your campfire and wait until the wax melt, there is the other option to do that which is using an oven, but you have to check if the candle’s glass is heat-safe and can withstand the oven heat.

The Wax Wood Campfire Starter 1

Leave the wax melt, start shaving dry wood and make some dried shaves.

To do that by hand you need a dried piece of wood, a sharp knife, and a sturdy bench, a solid ground can do also as much as the sturdy bench.

Drag your knife down a rough edge of the wood, and shaving will fall off. It’s really not that hard. Try to make a mix of skin and thick shaves to give you the best possible campfire starter, a fire starter that will light easy by the skin shaves and burn for a long time by the thicker ones.

After preparing all the stuff, now we come to the last part of building the best campfire starter.

The Wax Wood Campfire Starter

Take the empty egg box, make small balls of the shaves you made before, fill up your egg cartoon with them, after doing that take the liquid wax you melt and add some over each egg cup, you don’t need to use a lot of melted wax to get a great fire starter, you can use only about ⅓ of wax per each egg cup.

I suggest you do this part of the guide outside the home on a hard surface to avoid messing up something in your home the hot wax can damage your stuff inside the home.

Let the egg box dry.

By adding the melted wax, you are almost finished. All you need to do is to leave the egg cartoon dry on a solid surface, then cut the egg box cups, and store them for your next camping days.

Wood shaves itself rate: 1 out of 5
Wood shaves + melted wax rate: 5 out of 5

Dryer Lint Fire Starter

Dryer Lint Fire Starter

To make some campfire starters you can follow the same process you do in the previous fire starter, just by changing the dry wood shaves with a small ball of dryer lint.

But this time you will use a toilet paper roll instead of the egg carton.

Supplies needed:
– Dryer Link.
– some toilet paper roll.
– candle wax.
– newspapers.

You need to start with putting the candle wax on the stove to start melting because it takes time, be careful at this point, you can use an old can, or only the candle glass if it’s heat-proof.

In case you can find an old can, the candle wax is not heatproof, you can take a disposal glass jar, put wax inside it, start boiling some water inside a boiling water pot, put the glass jar into it, keep the water level low.

After the water starts boiling, it will take a few minutes to have melted the candle wax to use. Be careful from the hot pot and glass jar, use heat-proof gloves for more security

As the candle wax takes time, if you want to speed up the process, just cut the wax candle into small pieces to make the wax melt more quickly than normal.

Stuck some dryer lint inside each toilet paper roll add some melted wax to it. Wrap the whole thing inside a newspaper, and here we go, you have a great campfire starter that lasts for a long time.

You can use the same as we did with the wax wood campfire starter by using an empty egg carton. But it is up to you. I want to show you as many different ways as I can. So you can choose anyone you like or any method their suppliers are available to you.

Dryer Lint it self rate: 2 out of 5
Dryer Lint with wax rate: 5 out of 5

Cotton Balls Fire Starter

Cotton Balls

I guess the next fire starter is the easiest one. It will take around 30 to 60 seconds to make. You will need two things to make the cotton balls campfire starter.

Cotton is the main subject you need to make this fire starter. The second thing will be vaseline. Why Vaseline? You need to use vaseline to increase the time the cotton will last fire. The more vaseline, the longer time your fire starter will keep light. Otherwise, it will not last for more than 4-5 minutes.

Other stuff you can use as a Vaseline replacement is alcohol stuff, any liquid that has a percentage of alcohol can do the job, also hand sanitizer, or sanitizer in general.

Cotton Balls itself rate: 1 out of 5
Cotton balls with vaseline rate: 3 out of 5
Cotton Balls with alcohol/sanitizer rate: 5 out of 5

Sunlight Magnification.

Sunlight Magnification.

A different way to start a campfire doesn’t need to prepare it at home, and bring it with you.

In this part you will only need a magnification glass, it’s a method where you will need sunlight, that’s mean this method is useless on cloudy days and winter camping.

Another thing you must know is how to make a birdsnest, check this video will help you with that step by step. And be ready to start your campfire with the sunlight Magnification glass tool.

You can replace the Birdsnest if you don’t know how to make it with some table paper and some useless tissue that will flam easily and quickly.

Put the magnification Sunlight in front of the sun, you will see the shadow /the light that comes into the magnification glass. Change the distance between the magnification glass and your Birdsnest, also change the angle of the magnification glass until you get the perfect “dot”. A few seconds and the smoke will start, blow gently into the Birdsnest, that air movement will lead to a small fire to start your campfire.

Magnification sunlight + paper rate: 1 out of 5
Magnification sunlight + tissue/birdsnest rate: 3 out of 5. Because this method you can use only on sunny days.


How to make a campfire starter? You can make a campfire starter with a cotton ball merged with vaseline, it will give you 4-5 minutes to flam your campfire. You can replace vaseline with hands sanitizer or any other sanitizer made with a percentage of alcohol in.

Is it easy to make a campfire starter? It’s super easy, with the wax wood campfire, or the cotton with a little alcoholic liquid, a few seconds then your campfire will flam easily.

Why do I need a fire starter to light a campfire? Well, Simply you need a campfire starter to speed up the fire lighting process. You don’t need to take 30 minutes to start up your campfire every time you need to use it. Using fire starters will turn the 30 minutes into 3 minutes or maybe less.