10 Things You Need To Have In Your Camp Kitchen

Your Camp kitchen should include many necessary items that will make you happier and comfort while you are making your daily meals. in this article, you will see some important items you have to take with you on your trips.

Most campers plan to cook their meals using a campfire. Yes, it is a good idea. But it isn’t a practical one. 

Why? It is not practical to light a fire each time you need hot water, each time you want to make a cup of tea or coffee. In addition, starting a fire takes time before it is ready to begin heating some water for you. 

So it’s essential to have a portable stove to do quick hot drinks. Also, it’s not possible to light a fire while it’s rainy. 

A lighter, many of us forget the most critical thing in the camp kitchen, don’t be sad, yes even me I forget to add the lighter into my backpack many times, but we shouldn’t. 

Be careful choosing your firelighter, and it will be better to get two lighters with you. You are unaware that it has the possibility to be damaged, misplaced, or lost while you are camping.

Camp Stove & Lighter.

Stove fuel.

Before starting your camping, check your portable stove fuel. One of the worst things is that you’ve run out of gas in the middle of your camp.

You don’t know when the portable stove fuel will finish, So it is a good idea to prepare for this by purchasing extra stove fuel and storing it in your packing bag.

Don’t go too much extra fuel, don’t buy more if you are sure that you won’t need it on your next trip. 

Table/Kitchen Station.

Table/kitchen station.

Well, a table is one of the things that I find that is really important while you are camping for many reasons. First, it’s the safest way to keep your stove in a safe place, far from kids or dogs. 

Second, having a table will make it easier to prepare your meals in a good place like you were at home. And without having to hunch over the ground. 

The table may become optional if you are few and there is no risk to the portable stove, but it is still a good thing you want to bring with you to your next camping. 

Coffee Tools.

Tea/coffee tools.

I’m sure you are either a tea lover or a coffee lover, and it will be axiomatic to bring with you tea/coffee tools to enjoy your camping. 

For coffee lovers, you don’t need to take with you your coffee grinder. Just prepare your coffee at home and bring it with you. 

Your preferable kettle coffee or kettle tea, also your preferable cup/mug, Add Those items to your camp kitchen and enjoy having your preferred hot drink while you are enjoying your camping and make it more comfortable. 

Food storage.

Every one of us needs to organize his meals component. Instead of looking for items inside your bag, tent, or maybe your car, it’s helpful to collect all your items in a specific place or a box called a camp kitchen. 

You will not be worried about losing your stuff because all are in their own place. Also, if you plan what meal you will make for the next day, it will keep you more organized, and it will help you bring out only items you will need in your living day. 

Cutting Board.

Cutting board.

It’s an important tool I used to forget on my first trips. I didn’t think that having a cutting board is something necessary. So I thought that it is not a critical item to bring. But one day, I took it with me to my trip, I realize that it had a measurable effect to make cooking easy and joyful. 

I suggest you invest in one of them you will not regret it. 

A Good knife. 

I never forget to take a knife with me on all my trips. Simply because it’s one of the essentials that you need to bring with you while camping, and having a good set of knives, or at least a good one, is a win you must have. 

Dishwashing items.

After each meal, we all need to wash our plates, cups, and so on. So we will need to have a sink to do that, there are some great portable sinks in the market, which will make your camping easier. 

Also, you can use it to wash fruits and vegetables before you cook them, wash your hand after your meals, wash your kitchen items, it will be a great addition to your camp kitchen. 

Also, You will need Soap, a Dish sponge, Dishtowel. 

Trash can. 

It’s something great to have a trip in a place you really love to be in, but it’s not acceptable to leave the place missed up by your trash, so it’s better to take with you a small trash can, to collect inside all your trash and being eco-friendly. 

If you can’t afford a good trash can, you can get only a plastic bag to collect everything you want to throw. 

Water jugs with spigot. 

If you are planning to start your camping, be prepared for it, and be sure that you have enough water for drinking, bathing, and washing your dishes. So you will need a water storage system. 

One of the best storage systems is jugs that have a spigot. Spigots are the most important thing here, They will improve your camping experience, and make it really easy when it comes to washing your hands or your dishes, or maybe when you want to get a quick cup of water for refreshing.